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everyday i’m shufflin’……

my sentiments exactly. going to the gym & walking my pup are the highlights of my day - the rest is really a shuffle. starting the day off with 16 oz of water with a squeeze of lemon is a new piece of info I picked up on the Blogilates site. that’s a whole lot of water 1st thing in the am!

positive new opportunities will bring out my passion & hopefully point me in the direction of a charity i’ll love and maybe even more…..

as one relationship ends another is always beginning whether it be with a complete stranger or an old acquaintance. our relationships are in a constant state of flux - if they were static we wouldn’t be living our lives.

A new day a new year


priorities seems to be the never ending theme of my life this past year. changes abound and making decisions, the right decision, is an incredibly daunting task. life work balance or at least the idea of a balance is stressful in and of itself. what to do how to do things & scared to death of making the wrong choices.

"why enjoy today when you could be worrying about tomorrow" - not how i want to live my life but lately it feels like all i do worry constantly about tomorrow, next week, next month instead of living in and enjoying the moment. some days it feels like my life is passing me by instead of me living it. a lack of focus feeds into my tendency to add from task to task to task to task. i need to set aside time for creative outlets in hopes of relaxing and focusing my energy on one task at a time.


finish one creative project this month. create a plan to be able to continue to do the things i love while having enough certainty to stop stressing 24/7. plan a vacation in the next 6 months.

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